What Our Clients Say

Read what our clients have to say about DONE AND DONE personal assistant and concierge services:

“You know that pile of stuff you just can’t get to? That to do list that seems impossible? Well, DONE AND DONE is the answer! I have asked Ann to help me with all sorts of things. Last December while my mother was quite ill, we were hosting a catered holiday party for 50 people for my husband’s business so decorating was a must (when it was the last thing I wanted to do). I hired DONE AND DONE to unpack all of my Christmas decorations and decorate our house, with my guidance. It took two blocks of 2-3 hours over two days and it was done, pain free! She did exactly what I asked and added some touches that I loved that I wouldn’t have thought of. Then she helped with the party – getting the house ready, last minute grocery runs and flower arrangement assistance. Then the first week of January she came and put all the decorations away more efficiently than I would have and in one less box. She also helped me get rid of some holiday things that I just don’t use and then took them to Good Will. She made a difficult December bearable for me and saved me so much stress! I’m booking her again this year for sure ” – E Britton

“DONE AND DONE helped minimize the stress from planning our wedding. It is such a comfort to be able to delegate details and rest assured that it will be handled competently, stylishly and gracefully. They offered great suggestions that allowed us to enjoy the day to the fullest. Somehow they even cleared the stormy skies to make our outdoor wedding possible!” – Minette A.

“I had a very pleasant gal help me to sort out over 80 boxes of belongings in two large storage units. The owner Ann was very helpful in finding me someone within the price range I could afford and she had great follow thru….A very positive experience. The gal that she found to work with me stayed for the needed three days and followed my direction, was pleasant and got the job done efficiently, sorting through boxes and repacking for later consignment, donation and my home.” – Sandy V.

“I spoke with Ann, the co-owner and president, in an effort to locate every day transportation to and from work. She offered 2 services, both were reasonably priced. Ann was extremely efficient, friendly, and knowledgeable. Her brand of professionalism includes not only an expertise and quality work, but and understanding and empathy for the client.” – Phyllis L.

“I can’t say enough about working with DONE AND DONE! I know I sound like an ad, but for someone who gets frustrated with too much to do, help is available. I have small children and a very busy life. It is so nice to know that I can call DONE AND DONE and get things taken care of. The way I like to work with DONE AND DONE is to purchase a block of hours. That way, I don’t have to worry about whether I have time available or not. It works best to plan ahead at least a week or so. However, Ann has come through for me many times with short notice, although she charges a bit more. I am on my third block of hours with DONE AND DONE. I get a bill you for any additional expenses – repairs, shipping costs, etc… DONE AND DONE is a professional, reliable, trustworthy company and goes above and beyond. My life is easier because of them!” – Edie B.

“DONE AND DONE has provided personal concierge services to our immediate and extended family for some time now and honestly, we don’t know how we could make it without them. They have organized and overseen all the activities (other than the real estate sale) around the sale of two homes and the purchase of another, including a huge estate sale and the actual moves; ensured all of my 87 yr. old mother’s medical records were transferred to her new doctors after she moved out of state; and skillfully managed multiple in-home organization projects. They currently manage everything related to our two properties when we are out of state for extended periods, and they are able to research and identify any resources needed to support our needs. We highly recommend this company to anyone who feels like there are not enough hours in the week to get something done, or are just not sure how.”

“Ann Roberson and DONE AND DONE has been an absolute lifesaver for me numerous times.”

“DONE AND DONE has absolutely saved me on more than one occasion. I am a working mom and am also the president of a support group at my child’s school. We were having an open house and I was supposed to bring an appetizer to the event. Time got away from me and I called DONE AND DONE at the last minute. I gave little direction to Ann about what I wanted other than I needed appetizers by 6:00. Not only were they delicious, but she delivered them to the party for me and they got there before I did. Needless to say everyone loved them. I also need help with book club and needed a North African themed food. DONE AND DONE prepared a delicious Moroccan stew, but altered it to my taste. We have used DONE AND DONE for family meals as well. They are always delivered on time, to my house and to our family’s, sometimes picky specifications. DONE AND DONE has never let me down and has never failed to deliver with 100% satisfaction. Thank you.” -Lyndee Bordini

“No time to shop, no problem. Ann comes to my house with a beautiful assortment of outfits to choose from that reflect my size and taste. Most of her choices work perfectly and those that don’t are returned and I’m off to Chicago looking great.”

“No time to cook, no problem. I had a group of colleagues over for a gourmet dinner that Ann had prepared and delivered to the house complete with instructions. I had time to meet and visit and serve a wonderful dinner.”

“No time to pick up the dog at boarding, no time to pick up dry cleaning, or an important package, no problem. DONE AND DONE has done all these things for me and many others.”

“Just knowing that DONE AND DONE is available takes so much of the stress out of my very busy schedule. I know I can call Ann with just about any request. Her response is always so positive and professional and I know whatever I need it will be DONE AND DONE!”
Jan Olsen

“DONE AND DONE helped me clean up my office mess at home in less than 3 hours. I was embarrassed to ask for the help but I knew I needed a strong push to get it done! Together we sorted, threw away, recycled and laughed a lot during the process. Staying on track was her goal and what a relief to have all of those piles removed!”

“I had house guests coming and desperately needed to get my carpets cleaned as the guest room carpet smelled from my using too much pet odor cleansers that didn’t work. I didn’t have time to be at home but I did have time to arrange for them to come and Ann supervised the cleaning. I came home to a house with clean carpet and immediately took pictures and emailed them to friends about how great DONE AND DONE’s services are working for me.” Julie B.

“I was wondering what to give one of my employees in appreciation of her good performance recently. A DONE AND DONE gift certificate turned out to be the best investment I could have made. My employee was ecstatic to get some help at home organizing her office and finishing some home repair projects she just couldn’t get to with her busy work schedule. DONE AND DONE did an excellent job. My employee was extremely grateful and felt very appreciated. Thank you DONE AND DONE. What a great service!” Annette

“My wife and I have been very impressed with the “tastiness” and quality of the meals, especially the soups. We have tried many of the soups and every one of them is excellent. This is a healthy alternative for us. We want to eat a good healthy meal at home. However, after a long, trying day, neither one of us can find the strength to prepare a meal and sometimes, even to “tired” to stop for “take-out.” Keep up the good work and keep the food coming.” Jim H.

“Thank you DONE AND DONE, for the wonderful service you have provided for my family and me! This is the fifth time you have provided pet care and pet sitting services for us, and I want to tell you how much I appreciate your professionalism and reliability. I usually call you at the last minute and you have always been able to accommodate my schedule. I have such peace of mind knowing that you are taking care of things when I am traveling, and you consistently leave my house in better shape than when I left. I was also so glad to see you add the soup menu, and ordered the Chicken Santa Fe with jalapeño cornbread. It was delicious! We are looking forward to trying the chili next, and what a plus to have the meal delivered to my kitchen! Thanks for offering such a valuable service!” -Jill M.

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