Part of the fun of the season is getting excited for the upcoming festivities by sitting next to the fire, sipping hot chocolate, and waiting for the snow to start falling. At the same time, it’s no secret that the holidays are an incredibly hectic time of year.

With the holiday season comes decorating, gift shopping, coming up with goodie-bag ideas for school parties, wrapping presents, waiting in lines, sending packages, mailing Christmas cards, baking, grocery shopping for family parties – phew! All this comes in addition to your normal family schedule that’s packed with sports, after school clubs, homework, possibly taking care of an elderly loved one, scheduling everyday appointments, haircuts, it’s never ending!

DONE AND DONE understands that life is just plain old busy, but we don’t want this to affect your ability to enjoy each and every moment that the holidays bring. It’s especially during this time of year where we give thanks, we are surrounded by our family, and we immerse ourselves in the magic of the season.

If there’s ever a time to ask for a little help to get things done, it’s now! Let us wrap your presents, stand in the long shopping lines, or pick up the gifts you need to purchase. Having difficulty finding time to make it to the post office? Don’t sweat it any longer! Need help cleaning your house before the family party? Ready to have help addressing your Christmas cards? Call DONE AND DONE! 210.488.1368.

After all, Santa isn’t the only one who should have helpers!

Contact us for more information & schedule our help to get your holiday to-do list DONE AND DONE!